Hara Meditation – How to build strength and energy for the body and soul

Hara is a Japanese word meaning & # 39; the resort & # 39;. This physical center of your body and staying below the navel. Hara is the energy center of the body. Oriental medicine, Hara area covering the whole abdomen, is also important diagnostic regions. Each organ and meridian imbalances can be diagnosed in the Hara. Through developed by Qi building Hara strength air, exercise and meditation.

Hara strength is not visible from the outside. It is believed the deep inner strength, peaceful demeanor. When Hara strong, then a person will be flexible yet stable, grounded firmly in reality, he radiates the spirit of vigilance. A person of strong Hara will be intuitive and able to follow the & # 39; Gut & # 39; reaction. This kind of intuition is fully centered in the body. This is not a mental sense. Rather, it is a physical / body, knowing that it does not dominate the thought process.

The children, of course, come from the Hara. They focus on the body and the ease with him. They naturally move from this centered space, and you can see that they are connected to the body and the mind. However, keep small children who think or worry about anything and watch her lose balance! Off center and the now moment, the child will be difficult to maintain physical balance.

As the kids get older, it's a natural physical center to replace the development of the mind works and the thought that eventually, most individuals will become the dominant function. So what happens to Hara? As they grow, and more on the development of the mind, we begin to lose awareness of this other processing information and responding. We lose touch with that part of ourselves that gives us a sense of connection to other people, or even every other form of life.

The indigenous cultures around the world, people still have this relationship. They live in the Hara. The way to respond to an environment that, in most cases, expresses the innate connection to the rest of your life. They know this instinctively and physically. Their way of living this lifestyle requires. Life in balance with other natural requirement for survival.

martial arts and meditation exercises focus on the development of training Hara. It is essential for the development of Qi storage building and the Hara power.

So what does this hold information relevant to you?

If you want to have an inner strength that will help you to remain focused and balanced when faced with physical challenges, the building Hara strength will help. If this psychological strength that is required, again the building Hara strength allows.

The ability to remain calm in difficult emotional circumstances? A strong Hara will be of immense value.

The Wu Tao dances will help you focus on and develop the Hara. Through the use of breathing, meditation, visualization and physical activity, you can build up your store of Qi energy in the Hara. There will be no time to call your physical, emotional and intellectual challenge.

For example: When you begin to feel the beginnings of a cold (so-called wind invasion of Chinese medicine), you can use the air to help circulate the Qi to give out to the skin to help fight off the cold.

When faced with an emotionally stressful situation, you can allow yourself to relax in Hara, maintaining a peaceful openness and let the feelings move through it without getting caught and stick to them. Physically, it is the power of Hara, when he used physical force. Try a lid off a jar, it's hard, being centered and focused Hara or wood or lifting heavy objects.

invest in Hara is a meditation. This is the source of all power and the point at which all aspects of the creatures come together. The physical center of the grounds of the soul, which allows you to broadcast and express the truth and give the mind a calm place where the focus is.

Basic Hara breathing technique.

This can be done while standing, walking or sitting or lying down. If you want to lightly rest your hand on the Hara.
First, the breathing and slowly. Focus on letting go of all the tension and release the air. When you are ready, you begin to breathe and visualize a big golden ball of energy or light in the Hara, just below the navel. As you breathe in, imagine the ball expanding, as it brings air up into the Hara. As you breathe out, imagine the contracting slightly and becoming very dense and heavy. Focus on holding onto some of the Qi Hara is released to the air. Continue until you feel centered and focused in the Hara.

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