Never mind, body connection – the treatment of Vertigo

a few years ago he suffered from vertigo attacks. This balance was confusion as to the expenditure of the day the decision is literally a whirl in a carnival, with the exception of the journey never stopped. The first time it happened to me I got out of bed and ran into the wall of the room and the floor were both spinning. I spent the rest of the day lying on my back in my head afraid to move for fear of turbulence including re-started.

It took some tests and two doctors to determine that there was dizziness. Medical terms, this is a condition, not a real threat to health and inexplicable. Unfortunately, the drug does not mean much, except that I was sleepy and dizzy. Like many things in life I've learned to compensate if dizziness struck, do not move your head quickly, not looking up or down, and I kept my eyes straight ahead. When a colleague suggested that perhaps my vertigo is not only a physical reason I began to explore other options.

Her remark is directed at that time was like Cinderella lived with two wicked stepsisters. The two teenage girls were a constant challenge. They were like a tag team wrestler would go a weakening my resolve, and just when I thought it was a game plan going off. I was definitely out of balance, both literally and figuratively as well.

The medicine looks for the cause of cancer, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome and many other conditions, it is often ignored is the most widely the factors leading to the disease, hidden tensions embedded in our daily lives. As I read countless books on the mind body connection began to see that what we need more than a new drug had some insight and emotional awareness.

started to follow the episodes of vertigo and bingo was their conflicts coincided with my daughters. The first is a classic. My oldest daughter just left her summer job in order to go to the 1999 Woodstock concert. He will come back in time to pack up for college. There seemed to be little concern about the number of missed income from summer employment. It bothers me, but there was more disturbed by the concert as well. Four days of what seemed to me a total debauchery. I gave him a bucket and a roll of toilet paper, and said have fun. went the whole time, I was tormented by viewing the web cam at the concert seemed to encounter the best of the wildest and knowing my poor daughter will join the event.

It took me a while to make the connections, but I realized that I was emotionally tangling my daughter & # 39; s decisions in their own self-worth and stayed a hard knot. I could feel the weight of thought comes judgment. He hijacked a family conversation with him without being noticed that putting so much energy denying and hiding the cost of things meant to me in my personal sense of balance, I stumbled, my screenplay and did not even look up or down.

Fortunately, in time for self-reflection and the decision to let my guide helped their personal development. They also found an excellent ear, nose and throat specialist and two vertigo is a thing of the past.

recently he told this story to my younger daughter, who is now a medical student. He is puzzled by the mysterious mind body relationship has been revealed that he is the gross anatomy lab. He said that there was no evidence of this study for the erection of the male penis. All they have to think forward to the primitive brain and rushes blood to engorge the penis. How does this happen is really a medical mystery, because the physical change begins in the mind.

Do you really need more evidence to know what the emotions and thoughts have a powerful effect on the health of our bodies?

It & # 39; not just what we do, but what and how we think. I have met many women who experienced dizziness. As I share my story I ask them to voice their opinions; Who or what is holding you back in balance? I do not know why this condition seems to afflict more females. Maybe you & # 39; and because our self-image as a mother is reflected in our children. It & # 39; It's hard to find that balance. Perhaps it is a mirror that focuses on more than just a mirror image of ourselves.

Source by Karen Pesta

Christian Meditation – God & # 39; s gift of a healthy sleep

Sleep. Safe, quiet and nutritious. Restoration and healing of mind and body.

Insomnia. Restless mind and restless body, burning eyes, and the desire for peace, comfort and relaxation.

The Psalmist knew what it was like to have trouble sleeping. His words hit home, because we all know how it feels.

I'm tired of sighing. Every night my bed swim … my eyes have become wasted with grief. Ps 6: 7-8 the night my hand stretched out without weariness; My soul refused to be comforted … He kept his eyelids open … Ps 77: 2; 4

Insomnia hurts the body and the mind, a problem caused by diabetes or heart disease, leading to accidents and poor job performance, and so we have a witty, irritable and moody.

We all want a relaxing sleep, a healthy body and joyful energy. The question for many is how? Most people experience occasional sleeplessness, but for many, lack of sleep has become a painful life.

You & # 39; ve probably read the tips: Exercise more, drink less alcohol, use white noise to a hot bath, sleep in a cool room, drink warm milk (OK, I know it really helps, but it & # 39; d rather just stay! )

All of these things must be true. And even if they do not, why not?

I do not sleep well, if you do not exercise regularly can expect to see. Alcohol make you sleepy, but it will also shatter the structure of sleep, which woke up again and again, superficial, poor quality of sleep in between meals. A warm bath, the hum of a fan in a cool, dark room … all good ideas, the importance of good quality sleep.

But what if you & # 39; ve all these things and still have problems sleeping?

David knew what brought him healthy sleep and she spends much of her time of joy and pleasure. We & # 39, David's different when you sleep?

You did joy in my heart … I will both lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me to dwell do you. Ps 5: 7-8 I went to bed and slept, woke up, for the Lord has kept me. No need to fear the tens of thousands of people who set me in front of him. Ps 4: 5-6

Sleep comes when we know that & # 39; and safe. And that certainty comes trust in the Lord. The comfort knowing you & # 39; safely in his hand.

There will be trouble and when & # 39; s true that most of the things I worry about never happen, you know, some you can! Worries are growing concerns about the real and reflect your love for others is the hope for the future it is. They may be battling heartbreak and loss, and very well need to confront the real problem in the morning.

But the problem does not help, no matter how real concern. And in your heart you know that … and so the fears and concerns begin again.

At times, indeed, it seems, is scheduled for tens of thousands of them against us! We want that the fears and concerns of the & # 39; head chatter & # 39; for her, but how? How to peace and restful sleep, which they hope that could be safely fixed, no matter what?

Meditate on your heart, after the bed and still. Ps 4: 4 I will remember my song in the night; I'm thinking of my heart … Ps 77: 6

In meditation, God speaks to our hearts, to our minds and our bodies. He gives us peace … the deepest level, and we can relax and sleep in the peace of his safety. In meditation, stuffing our hearts the warmth of His love. He is to wash the body with soothing cascade of biochemical, giving us everything you need to sleep deeply and richly.

And the more you meditate, the more sleep!

So if you & # 39; fights of the night, remember David & # 39; and the words and let God & # 39; s gift of peaceful meditation fills your soul with comfort and rest of the body.

Source by Deborah Kukal, Ph.D.

Mind, Body, Spirit Healing – putting it

Modern Medicine promotes the belief that health and wellness is a crap shoot, is genetically driven and, at best, pure luck. If the throw is not in your favor, or genetic make-up has been doomed six generations back or you run out of luck, modern medicine is a magic pill, chemical bomb or simply cutting out any body suffers as a solution.

Norman Vincent Peale stated, ". Change your thoughts and you change the world" Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive extraordinaire states ". Every choice we make, every thought and feeling is an act of power, which may be biological, environmental, social, personal and global implications" Wayne Dyer says, "We are responsible for everything in our lives, including the chemistry of our bodies works or does not work." If you think health and wellness is a crap shoot, genetically controlled or pure luck that set the stage for failure of the body. If you think like Norman Vincent Peale, Caroline Myss, PhD, and Wayne Dyer, PhD, Deepak Chopra, MD believe your choices, thoughts and feelings act of force, and that you are responsible, you are in control of your health.

To be effective Mind, Body, Spirit Healing need to practice every day – not after the body being ravaged by a malfunction. Mind, Body, Spirit Healing is a process that maintains and promotes health and wellness, thereby preventing the failure of the body. People who practice Mind, Body Spirit Healing does not want the cancer, MS, heart attacks, strokes and other Z ordeal from 101, which is conditioned us modern medicine suffer from birth to death – lots of early death.

The nine most common surgeries in America tonsil surgery, myringotomies, cataract surgeries, low-back surgery, gallbladder removal, hysterectomies, C-sections, sleep apnea, pain in jaw.

stated Dr. Myss – "… every thought and feeling is an act of power, which is biological, the consequences … be. "in order to modify the biological consequences you have to change your thoughts, your feelings will change. The new thoughts / beliefs must be shifted to empower you to control your health.

eliminate / avoid the most common cause of surgery, it is important to know your thoughts / beliefs, which creates body to cure or prevent malfunctions and healthy thoughts / beliefs.

tonsillitis, follicular tonsillitis, sore throat – reason: fear, repressed emotions repressed creativity, strong faith that he can not speak up for yourself and ask for your needs, he felt unable to express himself. Holding angry words.

Solution:…. "I let go of the constraints and I'm free to be me I have the right to birth my needs met I ask for what I want, love and effortlessly I'm good now flows freely express Divine Thoughts .. through me my peace "

ear infection – cause: Anger. Because he did not want to hear. Too much turmoil. The parents arguing.

Solution: Myringotomies perform recurrent ear infections, usually children under five. Because the child is not able to change the thoughts / feelings you need to take the responsibility to change the child & # 39; s experience and promotes the expression of emotions. Listen to and acknowledge your child & # 39; s feelings. Avoid talking about your child, talk to your child. There are many excellent books for effective parenting. If there is unrest, fighting between the parents and referring – advice to solve the adult issues. I ask the adults who frequent colds / sore throats that the following thought patterns. "I hear you are surrounded by love. Harmony. I listen with love to the pleasant and good. I was a center of love."

Cataracts – cause: inability to anticipate with pleasure. Hit dark future.

Solution: ".. Life is eternal, full of joy, and I look forward to every moment '

gallbladder problems, reason: bitterness. Hard thoughts. Condemning. Pride. Fear.

Solution: "I am happy to release all the hurts of the past Life is sweet and I

uterine / ovarian problems – reasons:.. Allow the confusion to reign Covering over power to external influences rejection feminine. processes

. Solution: "I'm at home in my body. I balanced my creative flow.

C-sections cause: The faith of old wives tales. Faith – to be pain-free childbirth. Fear. After completion of the process. Rejecting feminine processes. Healed because of the aftermath of child sexual abuse / rape or sexual violence in adult trauma memories that disturb the course of a natural birth. If a child sexual abuse or adult rape survivors heal the emotional and physical repercussions. See Http:// to find a sexual abuse recovery specialist, traditional therapy is not effective in will guide you thru sexual abuse recovery.

Solution: Change the belief birth. That natural childbirth classes. In the mid-wife and / or doula can guide you through a healthy delivery in most cases. "I am confident I am in the process of life. You're safe. I balanced my creative flow."

Jaw Pain-cause: Anger. Resentment. Death Wish.

Solution: ".. I am willing to change the designs I have created this condition I love and approve of myself I'm safe."

Sleep Apnea: Stubborn refusal to let go of old patterns, overweight or tonsil malfunction.

Solution: "I let go of all that is contrary to the love and joy in my mind I move from the past and the new, fresh and vital.." Lose weight and follow remedy for tonsil malfunction.

Low Back Pain L-1 L 5 – reason: Crying love and need to be lonely. Uncertainty. Stuck in childhood pain. See no way out. Sexual abuse. Guilt. Self-hatred. Rejection of sexuality. Financial uncertainty. Fear of career. Feeling helpless. Uncertainty. The difficulties of communication. Anger. Unable to accept pleasure.

Solution: "I am safe in the universe and all life loves me and supports me, I grow beyond the parents & # 39; restrictions and myself alive It's my turn now I let go of the past…. I cherish myself and I'm pretty sexuality. safe. I love who I am. I have to establish their own power. I was assured at all levels. I deserve to enjoy life. I ask for what I want, and accept with joy and pleasure. "

Tip: Write down these thoughts in a 3X5 card. Read aloud or silently in front of them 3 times waking up and going to bed. I have a copy with you, if you notice, if you run your old tapes in your head, read a new thought pattern. Inside Within 30-45 days you will notice you feel better, more tension and a sense of relief.

The food we eat or inadequate nutrition contributes to physical malfunction. I will discuss nutritional needs – titled Holistic Nutrition.

Article Source: Heal Your Body, Louise Hay.

Source by Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

Treadmill Meditation – Walking aware of

Treadmill Meditation is a way to not only your body, but at the same time relax your mind. It may sound a little strange, but it's a perfect combination of treadmill exercise timeless.

Before the two together, it is important to understand what meditation.


This is a discipline in which the person seeks to go beyond the "thinking" mind deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Although meditation has been the core of many religions, it can be done without any religious intent. Some experts believe that this is a way of life, and "meditation" means "eliminated the thought process." Some may misunderstand that meditation is a form of spiritual practice where the doctor sat down with their eyes closed and empties the mind of thoughts to gain peace. It is a form of meditation, but that at the moment and focusing on what it does without letting the mind wander is meditation. While on the treadmill, carefully it can really help you a perfect workout.

aware Meditation

This is a form of meditation, which focuses on fully present. This meditation can be appealed to those who are not looking for a spiritual focus, but also a way to actually "practice" of the mind. Walk through the life of the words and deeds of you flying unstoppable speed. The mind and rants about paying bills, cooking dinner, picking up the kids, meeting work deadlines, and so on. But awareness meditation, it will stop the ranting and focusing on one thing.

Walking aware of

Can I hop on the treadmill and sigh. How are you going to get through the next half hour? Treadmill Meditation may be the answer. Instead of drowning in the session watching TV, being aware of each step and help you deep into the present.

So many times, treadmill users miss a step, or you lose your balance because the mind is lost in thought or attention to the song or magazine . The treadmill meditation, it will have a state of flow. Are you taking one step at a time. Think about that the foot touches the treadmill belt and slide down, or what is the sound made when you touch it.

Once you & # 39; ve meditation on a treadmill & # 39; ll probably notice that your workout is less feared. Also, keep in mind the focus becomes easier. Treadmill Meditation is an interesting twist to every walk, and this type of mental discipline can help in other areas of your life.

Source by Andrew Johnson

High blood pressure: The lower high blood pressure by changing your thinking

Hypertension is usually caused by dietary and lifestyle factors. They are the first to be reviewed when the BP readings consistently rise. First line of protection techniques, such as improving diet and becoming more active useful. However, they are only part of the picture. We often ignore the impact of our thought patterns of blood pressure.

as a man thinks, so he will be

James Allen & # 39; and saying – as a man thinks, so he will be – he says that our predominant thoughts influence the well-being, good or bad. The subconscious hears "chatter" and trying those ideas a reality. If you are concerned, for example, about job security and the need to maintain the mortgage repayments, your subconscious interprets anxiety by releasing chemicals are released into the blood, which increases the blood pressure. This anxiety or stress high blood pressure, sometimes try to mitigate the increased drinking and smoking is unhealthy. We, of course, but what is worse is our high blood pressure.

The study of Padua conducted by psychology and hypertension University, Italy confirmed that

  • anger
  • enemy
  • anxiety
  • depression and
  • defensiveness

is often associated with development of high blood pressure (Semplicini and Realda, University of Padova, Faculty of Medicine, 2009).

we can apply this knowledge to turn the problem around by

  • changing what we think, and
  • using relaxation techniques.

Recognizing the problem

causes the anxiety, at least in part, by fear of the unknown. We do not know what will happen, and we think that there is no control over circumstances. If the job fears cause of high blood pressure, we can work to reduce or eliminate them. This can help make an assessment of the likely impact of losing a job and try these circumstances.

Change what we think

Human nature is in our self-defense mechanism to engage. In the case of high blood pressure associated with anxiety, it is not uncommon for us to try to ignore the problem and hope it will go. This self-deception, and add more stress loads, making the condition worse.

As a dietary factor for high blood pressure, it would be wise to recognize the problem and do something about it. The form of action planning. Positive action to reduce or eliminate the problem, it can be cathartic. So if anxiety excite high blood pressure, they can counter it by changing the dominant theme of our thoughts from worrying that are actively engaged in the cause of our concerns.


There are two types of rest – active relaxation and passive recreation. engaged in an activity or sport to enjoy, which is a break from the normal routine can be relaxing to the body and the soul. Passive recreation can be as simple as finding a quiet place and quieting your mind for 20 minutes. This immediately lowers blood pressure.

If you have high blood pressure associated with anxiety, recognize that defensive behavior is more likely to harm than help. You should also do something about the psychological factors. It starts with the acknowledgment and easier to positive action. There is a dynamic relationship between our predominant thoughts, our bodies, and especially the blood pressure.

Source by Robert Reddin